College Prep
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Standardized Test Preparation


CPCB is dedicated to improving the test scores of every student we work with. Through our streamlined coursework and specialized instruction techniques led by experienced instructors, our students are prepared to excel.

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AP Exams

We offer group AP preparation in Calculus AB and BC, Biology, Physics I, II, and C, Chemistry, and Statistics. High performance in AP exams can be crucial to your application.

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Customized Sessions

Custom 10

We live in an age of personalization. CPCBoston analyzes your syllabi, textbooks, and test results to design coursework which best sets you up for success in the topic(s) of your choice.


Capstone provides students with a venue to display their talents and pursue their interests outside of a scholastic setting. With an experienced mentor, students can explore a research question or project of their choice.

College Training

College Essay Development

CPCB holds college essay development workshops to encourage inspiration among collaborating students and mentors. These workshops are available to students at any stage in their essay.

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Our mentorship program pairs students with mentors who attend their dream school. In a mentor-mentee relationship, students can gain insider tips and strategies to get into the school of their choice.​

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