CPCB Capstone
Explore Your Passion.

Students need a venue to display their talents and pursue their interests outside of a scholastic setting. 

Engineering Class

Near-Peer Education

Studies show that near-peer teaching is more effective than traditional teaching. We have 150+ scholars from undergraduate and graduate institutions across the world, all with rich experience in research Check out our top tutors here

Customized Curriculum

We live in an age of personalization. CPCB analyzes your syllabi, textbooks, and test results to design coursework which best sets you up for success in the topic(s) of your choice.

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Step 1: Foundations

Brainstorm potential projects with your mentor. Your mentor will provide the necessary background information through guided readings.

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Step 2: Development

The core of your capstone, where you develop the project and execute it.

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Step 3: Presentation

Final presentation of the project to your mentor and invited guests.

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