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2020 CPCB Competition

Academic Competition 

Ages 12-18


This competition will motivate and inspire students to cultivate their gifts and display their talent. Participation will not only push students' limits, but provide them with numerous opportunities and connections.

How it works

Categories: CPCB will hold a STEM Writing Competition with subcategories divided by age. In light of the pandemic, this year's competition will be held virtually. Participants will send in their essays to be judged by our panel of Harvard-affiliated professors and CPCB experts. Competitors will submit their work by email to

Age: Each category will be divided into junior (12-14) and senior (15-18) subcategories.

Eligibility: Anyone from the age of 12-18 may participate regardless of location. All submissions must be original, unpublished, and composed in English. 


STEM: Discuss a topic in science, technology, engineering, or math that you are passionate about. What questions in these subjects do you have, and how would you begin tackling them experimentally? Are these phenomena or concepts you have learned about that you want to share with others? Essays have a 1000-word limit.



The essays must be submitted to by February 25th, 2021. Submissions will be considered complete upon receipt of the registration form and $35 application fee.


1st prize: $250 cash prize with public broadcast and certificate of achievement

2nd & 3rd prize: $100 cash prize each with public broadcast and certificate of achievement

Questions? Reach out to today!

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