SAT/ACT Training

Boost your exam score with lessons and mock testing


Lessons are personalized to fit the learning curve of the group and lead by Ivy League Experts. We will be using high-quality materials in collaboration with Test Innovators.


CPCB tutors have access to the most recent college admissions information allowing success in the ever-changing admissions process. Strategies and tips are designed with these in mind.

Mock Testing

The second portion of our training program is mock testing. 

Students will be given entire practice SAT/ACT tests to take over Zoom while being monitored by a proctor. An optional essay portion will be available at no extra cost. Following the test, all necessary materials for self-grading will be sent out.

Mock testing provides the experience of the real testing environment from the comfort of their own home. This method is specifically designed to extract the best score students can reach within given time constraints and will improve test times.

Course Fees and Times

Monthly Price: $199

Material Fee: $99 (single payment)

Classes begin October 3

ACT: Saturdays: 7pm-9pm/EDT

SAT: Sundays: 7pm-9pm/EDT

SAT Prep I:

October 4, 7pm-9pm

October 11, 7pm-9pm

October 18, 7pm-9pm

October 25, 7pm-9pm

SAT Prep II:

November 1, 7pm-9pm

November 8, 7pm-9pm

November 15, 7pm-9pm

November 22, 7pm-9pm


November 29, 7pm-9pm

December 6, 7pm-9pm

December 13, 7pm-9pm

December 20, 7pm-9pm

ACT Prep I:

October 3, 7pm-9pm

October 10, 7pm-9pm

October 17, 7pm-9pm

October 24, 7pm-9pm

ACT Prep II:

October 31, 7pm-9pm

November 7, 7pm-9pm

November 14, 7pm-9pm

November 21, 7pm-9pm


November 28, 7pm-9pm

December 5, 7pm-9pm

December 12, 7pm-9pm

December 19, 7pm-9pm

*Courses are charged individually

*All purchases are non-refundable

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